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Sudio Tretton is just as active as you are. The sport-fit design moves the way you move, with no head resistance limiting your motion, while rubber wingtips secure your sound where it belongs, in your ears.


  • BLUETOOTH BUILT BETTER: Sudio Tretton uses aptX codec technology for a higher quality sound connection to your device, for better listening.
  • BREAKING A SWEAT: Sudio Tretton's sweat-resistant design will keep it going before, during and after your workout. So don't sweat it. Or do.
  • READY FOR TAKE OFF: Detachable wingtips make sure you get the best fit while you're getting fit.


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Compatibility: Android, iOS

Play time: Up to 9 h

Sweat resistant: Yes

Built-in microphone: Yes

Range: 10 m

Bluetooth version: 4.1

Warranty: 1 year

Voice Assisted (Siri and Google Assistant): Yes

Codec: APT-X

Wireless: Yes

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