SGD 69.90

Lay down and recharge with the Sudio Ladd+ wireless charger. Place your Sudio Ett or other wireless charging enabled devices on top of the charger and watch as it quickly, safely, and easily transfers power. Just set it down and power up.


  • BETTER CHARGING: Sudio Ladd+ draws its source power through USB-C, the latest in USB information and energy transfer technology, while internal sensors make sure your device stops charging when it needs to.

  • VEGAN LEATHER DESIGN: The cruelty-free leather charging pad offers non-slip protection to keep your device in place, while the cooling surface area prevents overheating. Sudio Ladd+ looks cool and stays cool.

  • INDUCTION ENERGY: Sudio Ladd+ uses QI standard induction charging technology for tried, tested, and safe wireless energy transfer compatible with Sudio Ett and all QI-charging enabled devices.


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