LA500V Smart Air Purifier

SGD 1,199.00

LIFA air LA500V is an air purifier ideally for larger spaces due to its superior filtering capacity and speed. The LA500V is designed to be used in spaces up to 70m2 (750sqft). The purifier features LIFA air's newer generation's combination filter that includes a 4,6m² HEPA-filter and 3,5 kg of impregnated activated carbon.


  • Purify your indoor air in minutes: Due to the high CADR rate and the combination filter, the LA500V will rid your indoor air of pollutants, allergens and organic compounds within 10 minutes. Due to the large active carbon capacity, the LA500V is ideal for spaces that have recently been renovated or painted as the active carbon will absorb and filter out formaldehyde and other organic compounds. Due to the high purification capacity, the LA500V is also great for office spaces, classrooms, restaurants and other large public spaces.
  • Automatic air quality monitor: The LA500V features a separate laser particulate monitor unit with a organic compound detector that monitors your indoor air quality automatically. You can set the purifier to automatically keep your air clean and the monitor, together with the purifier, will handle the rest. You can also connect to your LIFA air purifier with your smartphone with the LIFA air app. You can remotely control the unit and get accurate data of your indoor air quality.
  • Touch control unit that is safer around kids and pets: In addition to having the option to automatically have the LA500V keep your indoor air quality high or controlling the unit remotely with your phone, you can also adjust the power manually with the intuitive touch control slider. Similar to other purifiers in LIFA airs lineup, the LA500V is designed to be safe around kids and pets. The fan is hidden inside the unit so it poses no risk to toddlers or pets alike.


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Recommended Floor Area: 42 - 72 m2
PM2.5 Purification Efficiency: > 99.99% (30min)
Particle CADR: 609 m3/h
Bacteria Removal Efficiency: 99.99%
HCHO Purification Efficiency: 98.75%
HCHO CADR: 190 m3/h
Sensor PM2.5: Laser
Sensor CO2: Dual Thermopile
Sensor HCHO: Electrochemical
Sensor Temp. / Hum.: Semiconductor / Thermal Resistance
Noise Level: 32 - 66 dPa
Power Consumption: 1 - 60W
Battery Capacity, Monitor Unit: 2600 mAh
Filter model number: LA33
Weight: 14.65Kg
Dimensions: Diam. 300 X 800

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