LA313V Smart Air Purifier

SGD 849.00

LIFA air LA313 series home air purifier is an ideal choice for medium sized apartments or large bedrooms. The LA313-series offer high Clean Air Deliver Rate (CADR for short) and excellent filtering capabilities. The device has a two stage filter with HEPA12 filter for small particles and pollutants and an Active Carbon filter for trapping harmful gases and organic compounds such as formaldehyde.


  • Safer around kids and pets: We have designed all our models to be as pet and kid friendly as possible. The fan is neatly tucked away under a protective cover and the air purifier doesn't have any sharp edges. The round edges serve also a functional purpose as the rim works as a smart touch control.
  • Smart air purification for your home: In addition to featuring smart touch controls, the LA313 model is also equipped with an air quality monitor unit that can give you detailed information about the air you and your family breathe. You can also use our LIFA air smartphone application to feed the data to your phone and control the unit remotely. The LA313V is equipped with a CO2 sensor to monitor your breathing air.
  • Silent but powerful: The design of the unit creates a 360° rotating air stream that efficiently cleans the air inside a 40m2 room in less than 20 minutes. Due to the rotating air flow, the LA313 series air purifiers are extremely silent at only 34-63 decibels. In addition to cleaning the air of PM2.5 and PM10 pollutants, the unit will also clean the air of allergens, formaldehyde and other toxic organic compounds.
  • Longer lasting purification: Instead of having to change the filters on a timed interval, LIFA air units monitor the actual pollutant levels and air flow to tell you when you should change your filter. On a normal basis, the HEPA filter will last 10-15 months and the carbon filter will require changing about every 20-30 months. Instead of asking you to unnecessarily change a fully functional filter, our device will actually tell you when it has processed enough contaminants and pollutants to warrant a change.


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Recommended Floor Area: 28 - 39 m2
PM2.5 Purification Efficiency: > 99.99% (30min)
Particle CADR: 400 m3/h
Bacteria Removal Efficiency: 99.99%
HCHO Purification Efficiency: 98.75%
HCHO CADR: 130 m3/h
Sensor PM2.5: Laser
Sensor CO2: Dual Thermopile
Sensor HCHO: Electrochemical
Sensor Temp. / Hum.: Semiconductor / Thermal Resistance
Noise Level: 32 - 66 dPa
Power Consumption: 1 - 60W
Battery Capacity, Monitor Unit: 2600 mAh
Filter model number: LA36
Weight: 11.5Kg
Dimensions: Diam. 250 x 505

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