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JuntoSTARC is a creative marketing and distribution company for global brands. We have successfully built world renowned consumer electronics and lifestyle brands for more than 8 years. With our knowledge and experience in managing global electronic brands, combined with our passion for the business, we are a solid distribution partner for the Southeast Asia region. We believe that the brand’s success lies in having a solid strategy from brand positioning, marketing implementation, and profound understanding of the consumer and the unique business landscape in SouthEast Asia. 

Brand Building

JuntoSTARC delivers its brand promise and enhances brand equity through our in-depth market knowledge, brand management, and our strong relationships with premium lifestyle retail channels across the region. As a long-term key supplier to these retailers, we are able to prominently place new brands in stores with excellent visual merchandising, supported by staff training and promoters. This helps us to effectively communicate the brand promise and unique selling points to local consumers at point-of-sale.

Integrated Marketing

JuntoSTARC has a unique ability to connect with influencing consumers through urban lifestyle culture. We run fully integrated brand building programs from visual merchandising and store promoters though to marketing, events, seeding influencers, and social media. We create demand for your brand using our many tears of expertise in digital marketing, e-commerce, social media strategy and KOL management. Our goal is always to create a seamless and consistent brand message at every interaction with consumers.

Protecting Brands

We believe in a long-term strategic approach to brand building and we choose our partner brands carefully. We work closely with the brands towards common goals of increased brand value, effective localised communication of the brand promise, and lasting penetration into the market. We invest heavily in the brands we represent and we deliver real long term value to the brand owners. We also work diligently to protect brands’ intellectual property, territorial borders, counterfeits, and pricing levels in the challenging South East Asian market.

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising contributes to a brand’s personality and the characteristics associated with the brand. We help brands to differentiate itself from its competitors, create brand loyalty, and allow for a brand to place their products that tells its story. We communicate with customers through elements that stimulate their senses with our retail space conceptualisation, in-store display, planogram planning, POS display and materials, furniture design and production.


Over the last 6 years we have been on the frontlines of Singapore and ASEAN's transition into a digital economy. We have extensive experience in digital marketing and e-commerce strategy having built and operated digital brand storefronts and social media on all the major e-commerce platforms in Singapore for our brand partners.

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